Nina & Avša

Avša was adopted in January 2007 in the animal shelter Ljubljana. As a veterinary technician I worked there as a keeper. That morning I came to work and saw a happy-go-lucky, not timid at all white pooch that was happy to have a bed and food. We’ve been inseparable since then.


I’ve always said I would adopt a dog; an old and for some people ‘ugly’ one, unwanted. I decided to help animals in the long term, to teach people how to care for them and live with them. I dream that one day things would be different and that with next generations the animal shelters would be empty.


I wanted to share the love, happiness, and joy you can get from a dog with people who don’t have the possibility to experience that, or perhaps need it to survive when life gets tough. That’s why I needed her.


We’ve been on this mission since 2008.


Not only have I met a lot of like-minded people, I’ve met a lot of friends as well. Because of this mission that I’m following with dedication, pride and happiness, I’ve become a better person. Every visit is rewarded with satisfaction, gratitude and hope of the users, with me realizing how small my problems are.


Avša also has another mission, for which she is paid- with 5 treats. She follows me to work, where she helps other furry friends to overcome fear of the vet’s office. She’s just constantly negotiating her pay rise.


Nina & Avša


Every PET (5) is welcome, as you help us work better