Zoran & Lan

I’ve always been in contact with dogs throughout my life. Different dogs, different characters, sizes and looks. With each dog, I met a special and unique individual soul that left an indelible mark on my personality, just as I hope I did in theirs in times of their development, joy and also goodbye. The greater the happiness and joy with the dog with whom we shared our time, the harder it was to say goodbye. I discovered that my age is not marked by the number of years passed, but by the periods spent with dogs. There were seven of such, each marked with its beginning and end. In each new dog, there was also a reflection of the dogs gone beforehand. There was a subconscious comparison of the personality of the previous dogs with the personality of the dog who is currently my companion. It is very likely that Lan, with whom we have been living over the last three years, is the combination of all the positive and negative experiences that we have had in our “dog times.” Therefore, he was given a special task in which he enjoys and I can say that the feeling is mutual. I am particularly proud, as I have discovered that he possesses distinctly developed abilities of managing unusual situations. He enjoys being around different types of people, from children to the elderly, from silent and noisy ones, to those who are ordinary or have severe problems and issues of different types. He boasts remarkable curiosity and desire to show off and fawn, as well as interest for all that is new and unknown. He obviously inherited something from his parents who were recognized and renowned show dogs. He is constantly ready to play, yet can instantly adjust to serious work tasks when the chips are down. We hope that in the coming years when he will serve as a therapy dog, he will further develop his positive side and, even for his lifetime, leave a piece of his heart in all those who he will help. Undoubtedly, he’s already left a piece of his heart in us.


Zoran and Lan


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