Vojka & Cicero

Cicero is a German boxer. Strong and medium-sized, he has a friendly, gentle and even a bit timid character. When I first saw him on a FB page, I said to myself: ˝I’m just going to go and have a look at him. ˝ It was on Prešeren’s day and I went straight from Cerkno ski resort to Železniki to ‘see’ Cicero. The next day, naturally, I became his owner. Bought to be only mine, for cuddles on the couch, so to speak. Cicero truly holds a special place in my heart.


But time takes its own course and we soon started attending pre-school classes for dogs, then the advanced class and we passed the obedience exam BBH. We were invited to the Žiri Sports Canine Society and started training to search for missing persons. But what I’ve always wanted to do with my dog is to visit the elderly and children. The more I got to know Cicero’s character, the more I felt we had to become a therapy pair. We did all the testing, a one-year-course and now, here we are- a THERAPY PAIR. I’m proud of myself as well as Cicero. We wish for many hours of volunteer work and many delighted people around us.


Special thanks for helping us achieve this goal goes to my mentor, Monika!


Vojka and Cicero


Every PET (5) is welcome, as you help us work better