Vanda Rižnar & Lu

That hot August day when I first saw her I didn’t even know how to call her. The first think that came to my mind was: “You are beautiful like a princess! I’ll call you Sisy!”


I don’t know where she comes from as I, naïve as I was, bought her at the dealer’s. But I was lucky. Even as a puppy she was very lively. We started to train agility, we also competed a bit. Fate had it that I met Nani Gerdina who got me enthusiastic about dog assisted therapy. Even at the testing, Sisy exhibited great potential for this activity. We began working with ZUDV (Institute for Education, Work and Care dr. Marijan Borštnar Dornava) under the supervision of Manja Kokol, mostly with users after head injury and cerebral palsy.


My Sisy… sometimes naughty, sometimes stubborn, sometimes hard-working and bringing joy to the people around her, she barks a little, asks for a treat, gives a kiss. All this is my darling Sisy.


And Lu, with numerous nicknames and truth be told, all befit her. She was chosen deliberately, after a thorough reflection of what it means to have a dog which requires strict upbringing and a lot of movement. I brought her from Germany from caring breeders and was hoping to become a therapy pair with her. And if Sisy is a princess, my little jester Lu behaves like in a Princess and The Pea – she never lies on a hard surface. She prefers to be pampered terrier-style and can be quite stubborn, especially when it comes to obedience and agility trainings.


Both Sisy with her calmness and Lu with her liveliness perform the work of therapy dogs, each in its own cute way.


Vanda & Sisy & Lu


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