Now it is also official. Luna and I are a real therapy pair. Joy is sky-high and the heart is filled with content.
We went through all possible sieves. First, through the sieve of suitability, both Luna and me, which was followed by ongoing education and then concrete work in institutions: working with children, the elderly, people whose muscles relax in the proximity of a dog, or it relieves their pain- all this is a wonderful motivation and brings a smile to my face.
Amazing stories and wonderful people on their way from here to infinity. Because that is where they reach- this fellowship, this closeness, this cordiality.
For about 15,000 years, man has kept company with a dog. During this time, they got to know each other well, in the sense of being able to understand each other. Especially through body language. They have created a bond that complements and upgrades them. When this bond is truly the right one, we can achieve inspiring loyalty, devotion, trust, friendship.
To have your own animal, to develop a close relationship with a being that is not the human kind, to feel it and live with it in coexistence, and to help create a better world with it – priceless.
We are companions and hearts are beating in both our chests.

Tina Steblovnik and Luna


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