Five years ago, a new member came into our family, the friendly Labrador Luna. She immediately took an important place in our hearts and we go almost nowhere without her anymore. She is a faithful running companion and prefers to cool off by lying down in a puddle or taking a refreshing dip in a stream. She also enjoys walks in the woods, she swims with us in the sea. She loves smart challenges, finding hidden treats or picking up balls, sticks, dog plush toys.
In my work, I meet children who need understanding and daily support to be able to shine in their best light. I try to understand them and get as close to them as possible. I am always looking for ways, approaches and methods to help them on the often difficult path of the learning process, acceptance of themselves or attunement with the environment.
When I heard about dog therapy, I knew it was something I would love to do in my life and luckily, Luna proved to be cut out for this job.
We visit children in the hospital, a home for the elderly, an institute for children with special needs, and soon we will be warming the hearts of children at school as well. In a relaxed atmosphere, thoughts will also be clearer, emotions calmer and work productivity higher.

Samira Lah


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