We are Nika and Moly. I’m a vet myself, and Moly is my little funny mutt. Well, actually, she’s not that little at all.
Our journey together began in January 2016 when I adopted her as a puppy. After a few months spent together, I noticed that she was different from the dogs I had before. She was ever so gentle, patient, good and generally enjoyed the company of people. So I came up with an idea that it would make sense to invest in and upgrade our time together. With an activity that we will both enjoy, and at the same time do something useful for society. In the spring of 2018, we applied for testing for therapy pairs and our journey at the PET Institute began.
Now we are a real therapy pair. And I hope that our journey together will be as long as possible and filled with beautiful moments.

Nika and Moly


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