Nataša & Lara

I became familiar with dog assisted therapy in the nursing home Tezno, where my grandma has been spending her days. In that month I saw a notice on the nursing home’s notice board that dogs are visiting so we joined the group the same day. Since then my grandma has been looking forward to these visits every month.


Then Lara came into my life, a dog from the animal shelter Horjul. When she became our family member I was already familiar with dog assisted therapy. It was somehow self-explanatory that we become a part of it. In the following month I directed our goals into training; I’ve completed my studies at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana and obtained a BA in Preschool education. At the same time Lara and I attended dog school at Canine Society Maribor and successfully completed B-BH exam (an exam for guide dogs with behaviour test in urban environment). We then became a therapy pair.


I hope our path is successful, that we’ll keep on bringing happiness, laughter and help and that we will help to promote a respectful and positive attitude to animals. Because without our four-legged friends the world wouldn’t be such a lovely place that it is.


Nataša & Lara 


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