When I was only a little girl, I crossed paths with a golden retriever. Ever since, I have had eyes only for this breed as their cheerful, playful and friendly nature has left me completely smitten.
As the years went by, the desire for a ‘goldie’ only grew bigger.
In 2015, my long-held wish finally came true and a true Goldie came into my arms.
His calm, patient and cuddly character were also noticed by the children from the kindergarten, who go for a walk past our house every day.
I observed Goldie’s reaction to infants, children, and the elderly and I soon realized he might be suitable for a therapy dog. I didn’t hesitate for long when I came across the PET institute while browsing the web.
That has been the best decision. I met a lot of good people and Goldie doesn’t seem to run out of people who are eager to pet and cuddle him.
He became our family member who goes with us everywhere.
We are both happiest when we are together. But if we do a good deed and brighten someone’s day with our visit, our happiness is even greater!

Nastja and Goldie


Every PET (5) is welcome, as you help us work better