Three years have passed; in fact just a few months more from when I was writing in memory of Bafi. On Sunday 26th June 2016 Medi said goodbye in her home.

I hope Ida and Vilma don’t mind me saying that Medi has been ours. Medi had a special meaning to me.


She was a wonderful Samoyed for which Ida and Vilma took care of as if she were a princess. And indeed she was. Her hair was always shiny white and fluffy. Her looks drew attention and often people would turn around to look at her. But it wasn’t just her hair, it was also her beautiful personality, her positive energy.


I met her in a nursing home in 2009. She and Ida were visiting the home as a therapy pair and our grandma was a resident in that home. I could hardly convince her to get up and let me accompany her to the therapy pairs. And since that first visit my grandma would wait for me every day a week before the schedule, fully dressed and sitting on a bed, asking me what was taking me so long and that we’d be late. With her left, swollen hand she groomed Medi and threw her a ball. We took photos of Medi and put them in a small album. And several times I caught her petting Medi on the photo, with a big smile on her face. Through this I learnt what a positive influence and help a therapy dog can be. And this later carried me in such kind of volunteer work.


Medi often visited children in the kindergarten. She enchanted the children as well as the adults. Even today I can hear a little boy, yelling enthusiastically: »It’s a lion, it’s a lion!«.


Medi, a peaceful dog who instantly came to life when seeing a squirrel.


Medi, who loved food and desperately wanted to share a piece of apple pie with me on a picnic. Boy, did she make us laugh.


She said goodbye when she as 14 years old. She left a great void behind. As far as I knew her, she’s now running on meadows along with Bafi, Gaja, Pika, Pandora and many others. And I dare say that not only the dogs, but also my grandma greeted her. I can just see her smiling.


Medi, we miss you tremendously. You’ll always be with us in our hearts. We love you.


Nataša Savec


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