A small white ball called Lili turned Lenčka’s life up-side-down. Lenčka was determined to get a dog when she retires. Butthings turned out a bit differently. Her friend Laura booked Lili and before she knew it she was in her new home. She soon became Lenčka’s friend, confidant, a companion. Wherever Lenčka went, Lili went along.


They soon began wondering round hills and alms. They both loved nature. One day when they were heading up to Viševnik, fellow hikers wondered how this little thing would ever reach the top. Ha, not only did she get to the top alright, she overtook nearly all the hikers! Those little paws never saw any obstacles. Yes, this was Lili- a mountaineer.


Dogs are wonderful creatures. But Lili was something special. Brave, happy, heart-felt, wise. Wherever she appeared you could feel her positivity. She could put any dogs straight and could always calm down ever the dogs that were much bigger than she was. She was quick to determine what dog she was dealing with and she wisely chose retreat over conflict.


She was a real dog leader. And this became clear when the family got a King Poodle called Polde. Without questions he had to obey her rules and house order that she had been living. If he didn’t, she would immediately tell him off. So Polde quickly realized where he is at. When they would ride in a car, the back seats were theirs. Well, Lili’s rather. She would often take over the entire seats and left Polde on a tiny spot on the side. She knew how to show who the boss was.


Lili was also a volunteer. She and Lenčka began their volunteering path in the nursing home in Vrhnika. How the elders loved to pet her… She could get under anyone’s skin. Later she visited children at the Pediatric Clinic in Ljubljana for many years, mostly at the Pedopsychiatric unit and later in the Surgery unit. Children, staff and everyone who knew her simply adored her. Especially little patients at the Intensive Care Unit cherished her warm-hearted spirit and positive energy. The voice spread about this special dog and it sometimes happened that she was called to visit some other Intensive Care Unit for adults.


Lili was a dog you never forget. We’ll all remember her for being so special. I’m sure that were she is now, in doggy heaven, there must be a great party. And it must be crowded- after all, all dogs go to heaven. May she enjoy their company…


Dunja Vodopivec


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