Karmen & Bora

Nature has always been my friend. A companion in relaxation, recreation, contemplation, when picking and harvesting all its goodness… Years ago, even as a school girl and a student, I trod its paths alone, yet the desire for a furry four-legged companion was always deep down in my heart.

When I came home after finishing my studies, I forgot about the city life, returned to the country paradise and without thinking twice brought home the first lady mutt. My parents weren’t exactly thrilled. But when the next morning my mum asked ‘Did she hear me when I returned home?’, I knew we’d become best friends. The 4-year friendship affected us greatly and I still don’t know why it ended. We only knew the emptiness wouldn’t last for long.

After a few months of searching, this little yellow bundle came to us and she only had a brother and a sister- Bora. A naughty Labrador, always in a good mood, full of energy, happy to make any day brighter. I’m a teacher and our classroom is always full of plants and animals, which make the school days for students and other co-workers more interesting. But what if Bora brightens our school days? This is how the idea of cooperation came to life- but with whom? Soon, the Institute PET became my friend. Full of ideas, motivation, compassion towards people, good and loyal friends.om?

Training, learning and advice… and we’ve become a therapy pair. The path to becoming one has opened my eyes as to how small we really are and how powerful the nature is. We’ve gained experience through various institutions surrounded with true friends. Thank you all who have offered advice on how to step on the journey of giving and receiving smiles, offered paws and bows. We hope to ‘colour’ many a days.


Karmen and Bora


Every PET (5) is welcome, as you help us work better