Janja feat. Luna

Luna is a cross-breed with this amazing cute and friendly glare. With her glimmering eyes she’ll win any heart and she’s well aware of that. She’s awfully clever and knows where to get a treat. And for it she’ll allow anything: stroking, petting, cuddling, pinching, fetching and she’ll award you with her best glare that is irresistible. She gets on well with children as they’re the ones she can easily trick into sharing whatever there is in their hands with her. Most often these are chocolates, and cookies… mmmm.


Luna is music to our family’s heart, she’s the centre of our attention and we want to share this joy with the others. She’s very obedient – she’s passed the A exam (guide dog exam) and B-BH (an exam for guide dogs with behaviour test in urban environment). She’s a real lady and a bit shy, most suitable for individual therapy and when she relaxes, she shows everything she knows. We use special equipment for the therapies and when I start preparing it, she can hardly wait, as she knows that a lot of cuddling is to come.


I truly enjoy this work as I’ve become a part of the team that does the incredible- selflessly drawing smiles on people’s faces.


Janja feat. Luna


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