Ingrid & Fido

»Get Fido«, called Polona Samec, the head of Animal Shelter Horjul to her colleague after we’ve been talking for some time.


And she brought him. With the protective collar (he’s been neutered a few days before) he looked all tiny and helpless. He was fearfully looking around and obediently walking along the carer.


When they stopped a few feet away from us (there was also my friend and four other visitors), Fido became motionless. He stood there for a while, as if too scared to breathe. And he kept on standing until he slowly, really slowly came over to me, sat at my legs, lifted his head in looked at me with his big, sad eyes. And in that moment my determination to only go to the Shelter for adoption-related information fell flat.


That was on 18th September 2009 and since then Fido has always been by my side. With his gentle and loyal heart he captured the hearts of all the family members and helped us to get through the loss of our Poodle Max and Newfoundland Kozma.


He instantly blended in and as he constantly proves is, he loves living with us. He lost his sensitivity and insecurity and became a happy, confident dog. Whoever sees him for the first time thinks him a very quiet, laid-back dog, but when he is seen in action, people instantly see how wrong they were. When Fido is set on a mission- be it of his own choice (like guarding the house or the garden, digging holes or chasing crows or mice in the field), or given by me- he always completes it diligently and thoroughly.


And these two qualities are what makes me sure that Fido will always complete any task he is given as a therapy dog perfectly and will continue to help others and make their day brighter.


Ingrid & Fido


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