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In today's society, when we are progressively drifting away from our fellow human beings, not only dog handlers but also profession note the growing importance of contact with animals and their therapeutic effect on people. We are well aware how crucial to the survival of our society is the coexistence of humans with the animals or nature in general. Therefore we want to transmit this wisdom to the younger generations.

With the programmes that we offer, we try to respond to the increasing need for such assistance to the people. We try to make it easier for them to integrate into everyday life and consequently help them achieve a better quality of their active and leisure time. At the same time with the help of therapy dogs we encourage mutual cooperation and selfless assistance to our fellow people.

The Institute PET is a private institution; our primary purpose and the mission are raising the quality of life of individuals through dog assisted interventions.

Volunteers of the Institute help people of all ages, but especially people with disabilities and special needs.



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