Franc & Don

Nearly eight years ago a small black and white furry ball joined our family- Don. A Border Collie is famous for its dynamic and active (almost hyperactive) character. Well, our Don kept pretty up to this description for the first two years, although I must give him credit for not causing any damage or destroying things. It goes without saying that he’s been a favourite with all the family. It’s never boring around him and we hope he enjoys our company as much as we do in his. But him and I- we’ve got a special bond. We’re Friends. No, it’s not a typo, the capital letter is there with a purpose. We enjoy our everyday walks immensely, either alone or with the rest of the family. We share secrets on these walks, we have our manly talks. In our hometown canine society we completed the obedience and socialization courses and applied for testing. Later on, while attending the programme, we discovered that this was some kind of our mission. Now we are a therapy pair and we enjoy our work immensely. We love how we’re received in various institutions and after their reaction I know that we made their day interesting. Some years ago I jokingly remarked that Don is a chess player who predicts my next moves. Well, I can tell you that he’s advanced into a grand master. We have a motto that’s taken after a famous song »For friends you need to take time“.


Franc and Don


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