A small dog with a big heart.


Irma and she decided to complete the internship for dog assisted interventions in record-breaking short time. We don’t know any other therapy pair who would complete it sooner. Both diligent, hard-working, sensitive, with a lot of empathy they set out on this path of therapy work. For many years they visited endocrinology and cardiology units at the Pediatric Clinic in Ljubljana. They experienced many beautiful things and also many bitter ones. Long after they stopped visiting the children at the Clinic for lack of time, nurses and children would ask the others: ‘But where is the beautiful, lovely, friendly dog Fiona?’ The staff missed her a lot as she made their days brighter just with her coming to their unit. She was such a kind, gentle and beautiful dog that she simply stole your heart. She left an indelible mark on many that knew her.


She was one of those dogs that find their way into your heart and you don’t even know when or how. She did many great deeds in her dog’s life and put smiles on faces of those who needed them the most. With her kisses and endlessly wagging tail she lit up any hospital room she entered. With her gentle character she was able to get close even to those whom furry, four-legged beings present a great challenge. Although small and gentle, she was able to capture the attention of those who were suffering from dementia and would otherwise find it easier to wander off in their minds to other times. She knew how to make herself be seen and let others know that she could do with a treat or a pat on the back. And she was always rather successful at this.


She was also a great teacher. With her playfulness and liveliness she quickly captured the children’s hearts and attention, which helped Irma to better teach how to appropriately cohabit with dogs.


And we really loved her. Everybody did… Her beautifully soft hair, her gentle eyes and her kind, trustworthy character. She and Irma were a great team. They completed each other and it was a pleasure to watch them at work. Laughter and positive energy were always surrounding them.


Her family loved hiking on hills and they explored the natural beauties, or simply sat in each other’s company under the walnut tree next to their house. Those moments were surely the nicest. Coming home from work, Irma took the time to take her into her lap and she would lay her beautiful, proud head on her, cuddled up and simply enjoyed the company of her most favourite person.


Truly too soon and utterly unexpectedly her life journey came to an end. We were left speechless. We find a little solace in the fact that she led a happy life, full of love and happy moments, tasty treats and countless wonderful moments she had left in the hearts of those who needed it. Now she’s happily and painlessly running around somewhere over the rainbow and looks after her beloved Irma. And she’ll definitely be the happiest when she sees a big smile on Irma’s face again. Especially when she thinks of her.


We miss you immeasurably, Fiona! Stay our little angel and together with Pika, Bafi, Gaja, Pandora and Medi keep watching our doggies from above.




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