Darja & Jack

We finally made a decision to take in a four-legged friend into our home. It was supposed to be small-sized but it just kept growing. And today he brings happiness in all his mightiness to everyone around him. He’s a real special dog who surprises me every day, he’s kind and cuddly, always in a good mood and ready for action and new adventures.


I wanted to share all this in him and applied for testing at The Institute PET, where we completed the programme for therapy pairs and obtained a license.


There’s a special energy that fills up space where adults of children gather around a dog. Even the most quiet ones speak up and the ones who aren’t able of much, show that they can. Every effort is rewarded with Jack’s perky, wiggly tail. And even before the visit is over we’re all looking forward to our next meeting- happy, content and full of expectations.


Darja and Jack


Every PET (5) is welcome, as you help us work better