Avša in Nina na nevrološkem oddelku

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Avša in Nina na nevrološkem oddelku

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Karmen in Bora v DU Idrija, enota Marof

Lu na obiski v šoli

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AAA – Animal Assisted Activity is an intervention which provides opportunities for motivational, educational, recreational and/or therapeutic benefits with which the quality of life can be enhanced. AAA is conducted by specially trained professionals and/or volunteers and their dogs, which meet the specific criteria.


Key characteristics: the goals are not precisely defined, progress documentation is not obligatory, the content of the visit is spontaneous, and it can be a one-time visit.


It may be group or individual in nature.


The activities include:


Where is it implemented?

The activity is carried out in institutions with which the institution PET signed the agreement on cooperation or on one-time presentations at the institutions.


How long does it last?

From 15 min to maximum 60 min, with obligatory breaks in between for the dog.


Every PET (5) is welcome, as you help us work better