We are Koli and Alenka. However, our family is not accompanied by just one pooch at home. Koli spends most of his free time with his lively female pooch friend Mini, who trains agility a lot. And as I also wanted to enable Collie an activity that would only be his own and in which I knew he would shine, I signed him up for testing for a therapy dog. And since Koli is a super friendly and gentle pooch, I knew this “job” would be perfect for him. And it really turned out that way. Already on the first lesson that we conducted as interns, he showed that he was cut out for this work.
As can be seen from the photo, Koli only has 3 paws. Yes, unfortunately, he lost one in a car accident. Because he is very patient and has a strong character, he took the loss really well. He quickly started running around and bringing toys around the yard. Nowadays, he goes with us everywhere, even when we go hiking, where we adapt the trail choices to his abilities. Every day, however, he tirelessly plays with our other dog Mini, which is often the reason why Koli is so lively and full of energy.
If I had to describe the period of our internship in one word, it would certainly not be the word ‘boredom’. All the activities, preparations, learning, internship classes that Koli and I have done in the last two years have bonded us even more and enabled us to grow personally. Thank you to everyone who we’ve met on our journey during this time and who shared with us their experience, advice and kind words.
As a therapy pair, we are now embarking on an independent path that will enrich both of us with new experiences and adventures. We hope to leave a mark in the hearts of the people we visit.

Alenka and Koli


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