Alenka Humar and Loona

Sometimes we can say that some things, events, encounters… were simply meant to be. In retrospect, I care to think that Loona and I were indeed meant for each other. Despite harbouring a desire for many years to have a dog, I kept telling myself it was not the right time yet, having an odd-scheduled job, kids, etc. One evening, when I was watching photos and videos with a friend of her lovely black and white furry puppies, a sudden whoosh of emotions came over me. I flooded her with question after question and in the end, she had no other choice but to call the breeder and ask whether any pups were still available. Incredibly, there was one left. That’s how, in 2013, overnight, we got a new family member, a border collie called Loona, or Loontza as I like to call her, a black and white ball of fur with a spot of white on her back.
As befits a responsible caregiver, I took Loona to a socialization course when she was still a puppy, but we didn’t stop there, as we attended various courses from obedience to agility, and we also competed in agility for a few years. Loona and I like to be active, we like to go into nature, where we walk, run, relax and recharge our batteries.
Although she is lively, Loona is a gentle, loving pooch, who loves people and is motivated to work. I have been told many times that with her qualities she could become a good therapy dog. And I thought, “Why not? Isn’t it nice to be able to work with your dog and at the same time do a good deed and make someone’s day better? ” So I decided to take her for testing at the PET Institute. We passed the testing and joined the PET team. Loona and I slowly started gaining experience and knowledge, met new people and also completed our internship. We have become a therapy pair and now we are embarking on an independent path, towards new experiences and adventures.

Alenka and Loona


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