Alenka & Fjodor

When I was finishing my Biology studies I decided it was time for my really own dog, a Border collie. Fjodor was charismatic already as a puppy and loved company of people. I was excited about all the possibilities available in the world of cynology. We covered various fields: we did an exam in obedience, sheep herding, we entered exhibitions and many more. In the end we discovered that all these disciplines don’t present a challenge or content anymore. We downsized our favourite activities to agility, canicross and dog assisted therapies. We like challenges, speed and accuracy so training and competitions in agility really suit us. When we want to relax, we recharge our batteries in nature on runs across country. And as we love to bring positive energy and draw smiles on people’s faces, joining The Institute PET was the right decision for us. Being a volunteer is a noble choice, but a volunteer with a dog is a truly unique experience.


Although this is my and Fjodor’s description, I’d like to mention a third member of our pack without whom we wouldn’t have been such a positive bunch. By sheer coincidence and without major preparations a Border collie Vitjan joined us a few years back. A black and white cheeky pooch who teaches us to enjoy every single day. Perhaps Vitko will also become a therapy dog one day, but for now I am happy to see him enjoy the agility field where he passionately runs around.


Dogs are family members to me and without Fjodor I wouldn’t start dealing so intensively with furry pooches and their interesting world.


Alenka & Fjodor 


Every PET (5) is welcome, as you help us work better